Renaissance Village Academy

The RVA Philosophy

If one phrase were to define RVA's educational philosophy, it would be "Wake up!" Students are often complacent, about their academic performances, about their ability to change (or not change) anything, about their views of America and the world.

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News & Announcements

RVA's Trebuchet

Students of RVA took a field trip to play with their miniature trebuchet.

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“Truth be told, I've thought about you many times over the years. In fact, I can barely even remember any of my other middle school teachers, but I remember every day of your class, and probably every lesson (both academic and personal) that you instilled in my mind.” Read More »
- KE
“I had the fortunate opportunity recently to meet with Mrs. Retter, and observe her classroom instruction with my daughter. Both my daughter and I were apprehensive about the seminar program rigors, and weren’t sure if her academic skills would be up to Seminar level.” Read More »
- KC
“Hello Mrs. Retter, You taught me a lot of cool things, stimulated my young mind, and opened my world to much more. Thus said, I feel that is proper for me to strive to let nachas be received where it is due.”
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- ZS