Renaissance Village Academy

RVA's Trebuchet

 Whoosh!  Fling!  There goes another tennis ball!  This summer at RVA, we introduced a new class - Introduction to Physics.  Students also learned about the Middle Ages, and what better way to learn about both than firing off our very own miniature trebuchet?
All of the students got to hike up and across the street to the park behind the Scripps Ranch Library, where they assembled a tennis ball-slinging PVC pipe trebuchet.  Students from all of our classes were able to experience, first-hand, just how powerful, yet unpredictable, a trebuchet could be.  After returning to the school, RVA's 4th-12th grade physics students got to play with the miniature catapults that they built, with which the students learned how much more reliable their catapults were, compared to the trebuchet.