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Full Year

Full Year

RVA serves the needs of gifted, profoundly gifted, and highly-motivated students beginning at Kinder, all the way through 8th grade, open to qualified children of any race, color, nationality, or religion.
Our admissions process is designed to help both families and the school learn as much as possible about applicants in order to make a strong, informed decision on behalf of each child.
The admissions process should also give families ample time and opportunity to learn about RVA's curriculum and programs, to complete application requirements and to consider admissions decisions.


Arrange a visit to RVA –
attend an event or schedule a visit by calling 858.564.9622
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RVA Student Application
•  4th - 8th grade  
•  K - 3rd grade      
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Prepare for and attend an interview at RVA

Tips Before You Visit

  • Consider what aspects of schooling are of most concern to you. Write that down and bring it along on your visit at RVA so you'll be sure to learn all you're wanting to know.
  • Consider your child. Are there any issues or questions you want to discuss that relate to your child particularly, apart from what could be relevant for any student? Write that down, too, and bring it.

  • Talk with your child about attending a school that is academically challenging. Does he or she have any concerns that should be addressed before visiting RVA, or during the visit? By the end of your visit, make sure that your student feels he or she's gotten all the answers.